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Tabcorp Holdings

Project Delivery Framework

Project and Portfolio Management Uplift


Executive Summary

  • New Enterprise PMO established and revised Governance model for funds release and reporting / tracking of projects
  • Organisational wide delivery framework to provide a standardised approach to project management and delivery catering for Agile, Persistent Teams and Waterfall projects
  • Scalable Project & Portfolio Management processes, enabling faster project delivery, with higher quality and less risk
  • Improved project culture and flow of information to enable better project based, cross-BU collaboration and decision-making

The Situation

An opportunity to align an streamline project delivery.

With multiple and varied project and portfolio practices being used across the Tabcorp business, and an increasingly complex project environment, an opportunity was identified to align and streamline the ways projects were being delivered to better support team members and the business’s objectives.


The Solution

A new delivery framework and revised governance model for project management.

IDEE Group partnered with TabCorp to support the business in undertaking a 4-week Discovery process to develop recommendations and an agreed implementation plan to improve project delivery success. The project identified major pain-points and challenges that were used to develop 10 improvement recommendations, supported by an actionable implementation plan.

This solution included:

  • Introducing and embedding a standardised Delivery Framework, to cater for different project types and sizes that provided guidance and consistency across the organisation
  • Establishing an Enterprise-wide PMO, with clarification of roles & responsibilities between it and a number of satellite PMOs, and the definition of a Services Catalogue
  • Revising the approach to Portfolio Management, inclusive of a revised program governance framework
  • Improving project culture to enable better project based, cross-BU collaboration through the deployment of new roles, structures and training modules
  • Implementing a Delivery Assurance Framework for ‘setting projects up for success
  • Designing new portfolio reports, project templates and integrated with existing Project Management tools to support the new Delivery and Governance models, and providing training in their use

The implementation approach started with a smaller business unit and within technology but has been designed with a wider enterprise rollout objective (subsequently completed by TabCorp).


The Outcome

New enterprise PMO established and organisational wide delivery framework delivered.

The development of the scalable Project & Portfolio Management approach has enabled Tabcorp to deliver projects faster, with higher quality and less risk, enabling more rapid responses to changing market conditions & future business plans.

A partnering approach between IDEE Group and TabCorp enabled teams to ensure they were invested in and drove the change, so that it would remain embedded after IDEE group left.

The implementation approach devised by IDEE Group minimised disruption to existing projects, while providing a testbed for new processes to be used and assessed on a cross-BU project. Recommendations were tweaked as they were being rolled-out to the entire project community through an on-going training and coaching program.

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